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Political Shades of Gray



Yes, John Saltas is right: Most politicians lie, and they should be held accountable for their lies [“Cheladas Don’t Lie,” Private Eye, April 29, City Weekly].

But just as bad as lying is making general statements that have multiple interpretations. Sarah Palin is spot-on in ridiculing Obama’s vague appeals to voters, especially his hopey-changey stuff. Obama should be thrown out of office. But some of Sarah Palin’s statements are also hopey-changey.

Instead of making general statements such as, “We don’t like socialism,” politicians and their backers should be forced to make specific statements: “We will repeal the income tax, social security, public education, Medicare, Obama-care, food stamps, college funds for former military personnel, and pensions for all government employees, both civilian and military.”

Ben Coke
Salt Lake City

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