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Pope Madness



What are you paying more attention to: the selection of a new pope or March Madness?

Susan Kruithof: Everyone knows I’m a dyed-in-the-wool Hoosier basketball fan. I’ve been watching the games since November. Nothing, not even preparing for the upcoming Best of Utah issue, will keep me from watching March Madness!

Rachel Piper: March Madness. Normally I don’t give a hoot about NCAA basketball, but I’ve been to some stellar Utah games (tip: Buy your future basketball season tickets at the Huntsman Center, not EnergySolutions Arena) and have been indoctrinated into the Hoosiers cult by a certain co-worker.

Scott Renshaw: It would certainly be more interesting if the pope selection process were more like the NCAA Tournament: Conclave selects finalists, then they compete against one another in knowledge of canon law and doctrine. “And it’s Cardinal Turkson with a buzzer-beater identifying Can. 1190 as prohibition of the selling of sacred relics!”

Pete Saltas: If there were a bracket aspect to the pope selection process, I would definitely be more into it. Basically, I just like gambling.

Doug Kruithof: Actually a combination of the two … almost finished getting my “Pope Madness” brackets selected—big money on an upset this year!

Bryan Bale: Given that this is the first time I’ve seen or heard the phrase “March Madness” this year, I’d have to say I’m more aware of the conclave of Cardinals in the Sistine Chapel, but that’s only because it’s such good fodder for comedians.

Lindsay Fenton: Is this a trick question? The answer is Best of Utah.

Paula Saltas: There’s a new pope? How’s his free throw?

Cody Winget: March Madness for sure. I’m counting the day until my annual pilgrimage to the silver state to throw down some parlays.