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Poplar Street French Dip & Beer Pizza Recipe


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City Weekly reader Andrew Weston has a French dip tip. He says, “Poplar Street Pub (242 S. 200 West, 801-364-1061) has been a favorite of mine for some time. But recently I discovered they have more than just great beer (and by that I mean Wasatch Evolution Amber Ale): Try the French dip! It’s difficult to ruin a French dip sandwich, but equally as hard to master it. Be sure to ask for the au jus on the side as it tends to drench the sandwich somewhere between the kitchen and your table.”

City Weekly freelance writer Austen Diamond acknowledges the limitless power of beer (in a pinch): “I was recently hosting a dinner party and prepared whole wheat pizza dough for two 14-inch pizzas. When more people arrived than expected, I had to figure something out in a hurry. So upon the recommendation of my roommate, I made unleavened pizza crust with whole-wheat flour, spices and beer, in this instance Squatters Hefeweizen. Precise preparations weren’t necessary (often the case when beer is used as an ingredient), so I didn’t use a recipe but would recommend taking a big swig before kneading the dough because your hands will get sticky. I started with a cup of flour, a teaspoon of salt, a teaspoon of Italian spices and added beer and more flour until achieving the consistency I wanted. After rolling the dough out into a Sicilian square pizza and washing up, I celebrated by drinking another hefe for myself. After being topped and cooked in the oven, the pizza crust came out perfect (along with my buzz).”

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