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Potheads Fund Gun Violence



Conservative Website Newsmax.com, in December 2008, ran a story about marijuana use in television and cinema. The story showed how some movies and television episodes depicted blatant use.

Among the television shows were Weeds, Showtime, CBS’ Swingtown, and The CW’s Privileged. Some movies that show blatant drug use are The 40-Year-Old Virgin and the Harold & Kumar series.

The issue here is not whether drugs should be legal. There are various cases about that. When I was working for Hill Air Force Base as a civil servant, our union local defended a federal employee on the argument that what a civil servant does on their own time is not the government’s business if it does not affect job performance.

The real issue here is something quite different: The right to bear arms. What the liberal establishment that pushes the Harold & Kumar movies is not saying is that buying drugs contributes to the arms market.

The drug cartels in Mexico are now expanding in America, and no one is doing anything about it. And the drug cartels are in the arms market.

If a Libertarian were to grow marijuana and give it away, we would be arguing about the rights of a free people to do as they choose as long as it does not affect others. But even the Libertarians agree that buying drugs on the black market contributes to the deaths of innocent people due to cartels.

I ask the members of the Brady campaign for gun control: How do you feel about Americans contributing to international drug cartels that buy and sell arms by purchasing drugs?

Daniel Barker
Lakeland, Fla.

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