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Pregnancy Ads Offensive



If City Weekly sponsors/supports Planned Parenthood, then I’m presuming you support its mission.

If so, then you really should not post advertisements for Its sole purpose is to scare women away from getting abortions, skewing medical information and using language such as: “The doctor must first stretch open the cervix using metal rods”; “The doctor inserts a hard plastic tube into the uterus”; “The suction pulls the fetus’ body apart”; and “A number of women who have used the abortion pill have died due to sepsis (full body infection).” At least, they are no longer trying to say that abortions cause breast cancer.

However: Yeah, it’s a metal rod. And yeah, the plastic is “hard.” And of course s/he “must” stretch it open. But why paint the procedure as sinister and perverted unless your point is to scare people away?

Really, the imagery parallels that of rape—of an “innocent maiden” no less. You don’t have to be the bra-burning type of feminist to be offended by that.

And if abortion is so bad that you think people shouldn’t have it done, why not talk about the real issue: religion? If you force a teenager to continue her pregnancy, have you really saved her soul if her motivation for having the baby is fear and not religious fervor? Have you saved the “baby’s” soul? Point:

Does it have one? Is that a discussion the medical establishment has any authority in?

No one is forcing anyone to perform an abortion against his or her will. I insist, however, that if a medical institution is going to give any information at all, as an authority figure responsible to its patients, it is morally obligated to give all the information in a professional manner sensitive to the patient’s needs and leave the moral judgment to the patient. Pregnancy Resource centers and PregnancyResource. net do not do this.

Therefore—and especially since you are a sponsor of Planned Parenthood—I request that you remove their advertisements from your magazine. Or, below each advertisement, explicitly state that revenue from their advertisement will go to fund local Planned Parenthoods and advertisements for them, and include the phone number for Planned Parenthood.

Nicole Hendricks
Salt Lake City

Editor’s note: It is true that City Weekly is a Planned Parenthood sponsor. However, throughout our pages, you’ll find a diversity of views, some contradictory. We encourage a robust idea emporium to inform and educate readers.

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