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Preserving Utah's Landmarks



What Utah landmarks not currently preserved or protected would you provide protection for?

Derek Jones: Does Utah County count? I would place a gigantic Truman Show-like bubble dome over it. Not necessarily to protect it, but to protect the rest of Utah from it.

Brandon Burt: Gilgal Gardens. I’m pretty sure some correlation committee deep in the bowels of 50 E. South Temple must be plotting the demise of that Joseph Smith Sphinx— but it would be truly tragic if anything were allowed to happen to such a unique slice of Utah history.

Christopher Westergard: I am a huge fan of the rotating doublescoop ice cream cone that was once on top of Snelgrove’s, which later became Squirrel Brothers, and is now painted black and continues to live on now that Jimmy John’s moved in. That huge gem is a classic Utah landmark and I hope it never dies!

Annie Quan: Exchange Place. In the mist of our newly remodeled, poorly constructed and mundanely designed downtown, it’s nice to have those old crafted stone buildings towering off Main Street.

Scott Renshaw: Gayle Ruzicka’s hairdo. It is an architectural masterpiece.

Bryan Mannos: I’d preserve any old building that isn’t in danger of dropping a brick on someone’s head.

Kathy Mueller: I am not sure if the Boston Building has been protected, but it most definitely should be. I love the architecture on these sister buildings. We should do as Europe does and at least save the fa%uFFFDade of some of our historic buildings—seriously, we tore down ZCMI.

Bryan Bale: The Shubrick building (former home of Port O’ Call and City Weekly) seems like a good choice.

Lara Grant: Pfffft. Preserving old buildings and landmarks is so passé. What Utah needs is more Sugar Holes, parking lots and especially federal courthouses! Progress, people! And cash. Can’t forget the cash.

Julie Erickson: I would provide protection to historical sites that have character like the Sugar House strip malls, the buildings on Main Street and downtown Salt Lake. Those stucco buildings and large gaping holes do nothing for me.