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Pride Issue 2018

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SLC notable figures discuss what 'Pride' means to them.

Much like art—depending on each individual's journey—the essence of the word "Pride" is in the eye of the beholder. Curious about their own denotation, City Weekly reached out to some local notables and asked them for their own personal definition of Pride.


"For me, especially during trying political times, Pride is a time to remember and find strength in our differences and diversity, so we can not only resist, but rise."
—Jackie Biskupski, Salt Lake City Mayor


"It means the freedom to live my life openly and honestly."
—Jim Dabakis, State Senator, District 2


"It's having the strength and confidence to be yourself and to live the kind of life you want to live."
—Misty Snow, trans-rights crusader, former Senate candidate


"Pride, to me, is about being able to express your true colors and be who you want to be with no judgment from anyone. Pride is like a pride of lions; a group together like a family. That's what the LGBTQ+ community is at the end of the day—a family that is together through everything."
—Kay Byee, Drag Entertainer


"Pride is fearlessness—combating the status quo is a source of true valor. When it comes down to you versus the darkness, you know who must win."
—Jared Gold, Fashion Designer


"Pride is accepting oneself, working hard to achieve an instilled sense of confidence about who you are, who you have been and who you'd like to become. Pride is acceptance of others, acknowledging and celebrating the different forms self-acceptance can manifest in people—both like and unlike yourself. Pride is acceptance of history, never losing context of the LGBT journey to where we are today and remembering the shoulders of giants we stand on."
—Shaun Carley, DJ, Cultural Advocate

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