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Private Eye, Oct. 20 "Be True"



Private Eye, Oct. 20
"Be True"

Making Utah irrelevant again.
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Another vote for a Goldman Sachs banker. Same bank that supports Clinton.
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If @Evan_McMullin helps HRC become President, then all the liberal justices she appoints to #SCOTUS is ON HIM!@CityWeekly @GOP
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Dine, Oct. 20
"DIY Yum"

I recycle most of the plastic bottles and containers, but I agree that it is excessive. Great meal program, though!
Stacy Bercovitch Kaplan

Food Matters, Oct. 20
"Cafe Rio's 100th Location"

100 locations is 100 too many :P
BJ Freeman
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I agree. I think it used to be so good. Now? Not so much.
Kim Hansen
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Drink, Oct. 20
2 Row Brewing
It's not that good. Hop Rising is much better and a lot cheaper.
Chris Moore
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Facebook post, Oct. 20 "Should medical marijuana be legalized in Utah?"
As one who was told to leave Utah (shortly after my 21st birthday) I am in complete agreement that pot must be legalized in Utah. There were three bishops—with pretty daughters—who got together back around 1968 and they demanded my moving out of the state. I guess they did not appreciate their daughters coming home from dates smelling like weed. I proclaim that I am INNOCENT! Besides, it got out that I am a Hillary supporter. I'm still not welcomed by those guys. Surely they must be dead by now?
Dan Lediard
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ALL marijuana should be legalized, regulated and taxed in Utah.
William Boyd
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Wait, let me ask my bishop?
Lucas Delgado
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Eddie Edwards
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100% yes!!
Roger W Knox
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What a stupid fucking question. Might generate money for one of the worst education systems. But maybe not I am pretty sure the Mormon money machine would get their percentage.
Robert Jensen
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Stupid question.
Frederick Thorne
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Blog, Oct. 26
"Make Salt Lake City Great Again"
Some noteworthy things about my father, John Stromness [pictured above]... He was in the Air force for 30 years. First as a mechanic during Vietnam, and later as a flight engineer in the reserves (activated during Desert Storm). He used the G.I. bill to go to pharmacy school. I look up to him. He is an honorable person. He's seen the world, literally almost every corner, and he knows the good and bad that exists. He knows we are better than Trump would have us believe and he knows the rhetoric that Trump spews is false. I couldn't be more proud of my shy father going around town and willing to be heckled by Trump supporters.
Emily Stromness

Blog, Oct. 31
"Standing Rock Protest Update"
Queue the scared white Republicans telling protesters to get jobs.
Pax Rasmussen
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And then someone's bound to say the Native Americans should go back to where they came from. So nice to see this starting to get attention.
Chase Bowtin
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For more on this issue, turn to p. 8.