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Pros & Connors


Online commenters were disappointed with the mere two-star rating Eric D. Snider gave to Terminator Salvation [“Short Circuit,” May 21, City Weekly].

According to dj_digz, “Are you serious that you have trouble understanding elements of this storyline? Maybe you´re just not a fan of the franchise because it wasn’t all rocket science. … I personally am planning on seeing Star Trek this weekend, and I assure you I will be thoroughly lost because I have seen very little Star Trek in any capacity, but that’s no justification for bashing the plot and belittling the writer´s efforts simply because I don’t understand the premise of the film.”

Don’t worry, dj_digz—Star Trek isn’t rocket science, either. It’s warp-drive science.  That means anything too complicated can be written off as a “spatial anomaly.”

MattS had this to say: “For anyone that reads the critic’s review, and maybe feels that a lousy two-star rating makes this movie not worth seeing, let me tell you that this might be the best movie of the year. ... As far as I know, Arnold Schwarzenegger is still in office, which means that he can´t be directly in the movie.”

Glad you enjoyed it, MattS. Still, call me a purist, but I personally don’t think any Terminator show is complete without an Austrian-accented robot. And who says governors can’t be in movies? The job can’t be that hard.