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Protect the Greater Canyonlands



The out-of-control Republicans in Utah believe with every fiber of their beings that federal land in Utah belongs to them to exploit, sell and commercialize.

A few years ago, one state senator mentioned he would have no problem seeing McDonald’s golden arches under or in Utah’s protected Arches National Park. Their anti-federal-government mentality needs to be answered with the blunt and legitimate federal government force of national-monument legislation.

Even our lone congressional Democrat, Rep. Jim Matheson, doesn’t have the courage to stand up to these feudal tyrants. Similar to the sites President Barack Obama just protected, Greater Canyonlands contains significant cultural resources and recreational opportunities. It contributes to the surrounding communities as a driver of employment and tourism, yet the majority populace of this state sees no benefit in protecting anything but their own self-interest.

Barack Obama should sign legislation to protect Greater Canyonlands. Future generations hundreds of years from now will thank him for it.

Salt Lake City