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Public Disservice



Rep. Greg Hughes is no fan of public transit. The only time he gets on a bus, Trax or FrontRunner is for a photo op. The majority of those on the UTA board of trustees are not on the board to serve the people, but so their résumés look good.

UTA has one of the best rail systems in the country, but a very poor bus system. The majority of people who take Trax and FrontRunner need to drive to a park & ride lot. Trax is running at 5 a.m. Why can’t buses run at 5 a.m.?

UTA has hurt a lot of people who have lost their jobs because they lost their transportation to work. UTA has very poor customer service and is not a friendly car-free system.

The corruption at UTA is worse than what John Swallow did, because there has been billions of taxpayers’ dollars involved. UTA executives are able to retire as billionaires at taxpayers’ expense.

Tammi Diaz
Salt Lake City