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Public Transit Adventures

What’s the best or worst thing that’s happened to you while riding UTA?


What’s the best or worst thing that’s happened to you while riding UTA?

Jackie Briggs: Some asshole swatted me with a rolled-up newspaper when I refused to make a payment of $1 to him. I calmly told him he’d get Mace in the face if this were to happen again.

Kolbie Stonehocker: While I was riding TRAX home one day, a guy petted the top of my head as he got off the train. A guy I gave my number to ended up harassing me nonstop, and I eventually had to report him to the police. Horrors that makes me love my new bike even more.

Scott Renshaw: I liked the group on a December evening heading into downtown who started an entire train car singing Christmas carols. Locked away solo in your car, you miss that, along with the drunken crazies.

Colin Wolf: I was riding the bus near a guy  who was really impatient. Every time the bus stopped, he would yell, “Ugh, come on!” It didn’t matter what it was for. Red light: “Come on, let’s go!” A bus stop: “Aahhh, dammit!” Finally, we got to his stop and he hastily pushed his way off the bus and rode off on a mini BMX bike.

Susan Kruithof: Once I brought dollar bills that the machine wouldn’t take and walked up to a guy and asked if he had any quarters. He swapped me some quarters, then complimented me on my outfit and we struck up a convo. He later Facebook-friended me based on the info I gave him about working at City Weekly. Let’s just say it was my “lucky” day.

Rachel Piper: I love eavesdropping. My favorite was a guy in a suit who was having a particularly cryptic cell phone conversation. From what I could piece together, he was meeting someone to dig up something they’d buried together. I actually stealthily moved closer to where he was sitting so I could hear more.