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Put a Sock in It


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John Saltas blaming everyone but the Greek system of spending more than you earn is disingenuous at best [“Greece Meets West,” Nov. 3, City Weekly].

Greece is failing because they, too, blame the past, the euro, the rich and the tax system and ignore the Socialist governments that have ruled since World War II. Saltas’ philosophy (and theirs) denies reality and perpetuates the decline as Greece circles the drain. The Germans and French are unlikely to pick up the tab for Greek profligate spending. No City Weekly would be complete without the obligatory whining and back stabs at MADD, the Mormon church and parent-teacher organizations. The two included articles were not sponsored by any of the aforementioned organizations. The greed of the “hospitality” industry to sell more alcohol at the expense of the community is a blatant fa├žade. Ask any bartender what’s needed and the answer is, “Sell more.” The liquor industry wants no limit other than “drink responsibly.”

Saltas’ self-righteous, preachy, intolerant, indignant, moralistic, hopelessly blind, self-promoting, more-unholy-than-thou tirade makes him a poster child for irresponsibility.

Will Ogilvie
Salt Lake City