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Crank up the AC

Bravo's Andy Cohen on Anderson Cooper, Pride and Kathy Griffin's turn.


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Bravo head honcho Andy Cohen's cup runneth over. Added to a seemingly never-ending slew of hosting engagements and author appearances, he's now crisscrossing the country with CNN personality Anderson Cooper as part of AC2, which rolls into the Eccles Theater on Saturday, June 10 at 8 p.m. A couple of days shy of his 49th birthday, the author of Most Talkative: Stories from the Front Lines of Pop Culture talked about recognizing that reality X-factor, his current silver fox co-star and former Bravo star Kathy Griffin's turn.

You run a network, host a nightly TV show, I just saw you doing The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion—which I believe was a 19 parter—and now AC2. Where do you find the energy?

You know what? I love everything I do. It's all really fun, and when you're doing what you love, I just feel like you get energy.

What can you tell me about these conversations with Anderson and what audiences in SLC can expect?
It's like going out to a bar or just to dinner with me and Anderson and hearing our stories. It's a night of conversation between the two of us—we kind of interview each other—but it's really more of a conversation. And then after a while, we let the audience ask us whatever they want; so it's great.

What have been some of the most memorable audience participation moments so far?
Well, I don't want to get dirty, but people have dirty minds. It's been great ... everything from super stupid questions to very thoughtful ones. [It's been] all over the map.

On that note, I want to ask you a very Andy Cohen question: Would you ever take a dip in the Coop Pond?
No. We were set up on a blind date many years ago, and it never happened. I think we're better as friends.

Tell me what it takes to be the perfect Bravolebrity?
Oh, gosh. I think the thing most Bravolebrities have in common is they're pretty funny. They're unique; they're strong; they're one-of-a-kind personalities.

And they have those great catchphrases going on.
Yeah, they have their own stuff going on. They’re leaders, not followers.

With you being a father figure within the Bravo community, what has been your reaction to this whole Kathy Griffin situation with the Trump photo?
I think that the whole point is you can't ... I think many of us who were big Obama supporters were horrified at an effigy of Obama, so it goes both ways. You can't have an effigy of the president—it's like doing blackface—it never works.

Have you talked to her at all?
I haven't.

At the end of the day, I don't think that it was any worse than RHOA Phaedra Parks' pickle pregnancy shoot.
I don’t know about that.

We just celebrated Pride. At what point did you become comfortable in your own skin and proud of who and what you were?
I think it was just after I finally came out. I was so worried before I came out about people not accepting me or people turning me away, that it was just my relief, my great relief, that I was accepted.