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Questions for Candidates



City Weekly has been a godsend, since it has urged me to see what is real instead of inside the picket fence or brick wall of whatever is believed.

Over the past four years, I have read articles that bring to the surface what is actually happening, and truth is not always what it seems.

Having been a lifelong member of the dominant church in Utah, I requested to be disfellowshipped from said church. After having been bullied out of “loving relationships” with so-called good members, I started the process of self-improvement and learning the truth.

That brought me to the conclusion that I no longer need faith. Living should not be years of pretending to be someone I am not or hoping to become someone else, but rather a continuous series of moments of loving God, myself and anyone else who will let me. Most “church” organizations are little more than belief systems. Probably 99.9 percent of them cannot find any religious roots to their corporate functions.

It is going to be an interesting process watching Mitt Romney dance around church commitments and covenants that, if shown in their true form, could be disastrous for the highest position in the land. I, for one, would vote for Romney, simply because I think he can get the economy back on track.

But can Romney juggle his church functions/blood oaths with the constitutional requirements of being president?

More people love Obama, and that is why he was elected—Romney isn’t a very loveable candidate. But the present economic woes are going to require more than love. It is going to require someone with the ability to let go of socialism and let the market take its course.

So, there are two questions: Mr. Obama, can you set aside your socialist/Marxist idealism and deal with the reality of America, and serve America with honor?

Mr. Romney, can you convince your church to do away with your/its cultish/blood oath, secret handshakes and covenants, and its desire to take over the world with the “one true church” dogma, and then serve America with honor?

Sylvan Crofts
Eagle Mountain