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Rape Recovery Center

Also: Bank Protest, Sugar House Streetcar



April is sexual assault awareness month, and local nonprofit the Rape Recovery Center is hosting a night of healing and understanding where sexual assault survivors and their allies will share stories of recovery. Later in the week, you can join activists protesting the Salt Lake City Wells Fargo shareholders meeting and the bank’s profiting off of environmental ruin and private prisons. You can also attend a hearing on the Sugar House streetcar and help decide where the streetcar should go next.

Evening of Recovery
Thursday, April 18

The trauma of sexual assault can emotionally scar, but doesn’t have to stop victims from living their lives. The Rape Recovery Center will be hosting a forum where survivors of abuse and allies will talk about their roads to recovery. Hear their stories and learn about how you can help the nonprofit provide support to Utahns recovering from sexual assault.
Veterans Nursing Home, 700 Foothill Blvd., 801-467-7282, April 18, 6-9 p.m., RapeRecoveryCenter.org

Wells Fargo Protest
Tuesday, April 23

Wells Fargo will host a shareholder meeting in Salt Lake City, and activists will be making some noise outside the business about how the megabank’s financial bottom line is funded by ruthless foreclosure practices, profiting off of controversial private prisons and supporting ruinous eco-cidal practices like mountain-top-removal mining. Join SLC Prison Divestment, the Crossroads Urban Center, Peaceful Uprising and other local activists in rallying against the bankster’s SLC meeting.
Grand America Hotel, 555 S. Main, 801-747-9871, April 23, protest 8-11 a.m., press conference 11 a.m.
, PeacefulUprising.org/calendar

Sugar House Streetcar Hearing
Tuesday, April 23

Currently, the Sugar House streetcar line is slated to be built along 2230 South from 221 West to roughly 1040 East—where the line goes from there has yet to be determined. That’s where you come in: Stop by the public hearing to discuss possible areas for the line to be built to that will provide the most benefit and least harm to this iconic Salt Lake City neighborhood.
Salt Lake City & County Building, 451 S. State, 801-535-7600, April 23, 7 p.m., SLCGov.com