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Rattle & Scam


At May 24’s U2 concert at Rice-Eccles Stadium, a friend of mine lost his ticket while lingering outside. We asked the ticket office if they would reprint the ticket (as we were missing just one seat out of a series of five tickets), but they declined. So we bought another ticket and were out another $40.

When we got to our seats, someone was sitting in the seat of the ticket we lost. When I confronted that individual, he presented the missing ticket and said he bought it from a scalper for $23. I told him he’d bought a stolen ticket, and we gave him the ticket we bought and told him to go sit there.

This opened my eyes to the potential evil of ticket scalping. A lot of these ticket
scalpers may be selling tickets at the expense of others. I would encourage people
to only buy tickets through authorized outlets or through reputable resellers like StubHub.

Tyler Riggs
West Valley City