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RawMoves: The Story of Eight

Friday Oct. 8-Sunday Oct. 10 @ Black Box Theater



In January, RawMoves Dance Company performed the energetic and riveting show The Story of Eight. The performances sold out, so they decided to give you another chance—they’re generous that way.

Choreographers, founders and co-creative directors Natosha Washington and Nicholas Cendese—the latter a 10-year veteran of Repertory Dance Theatre—have selected eight different props and seven—not eight—dancers this time around. These performers and things mix and intertwine onstage, blurring lines between animate and inanimate, object and person.

Roses are used for love and hate. A rope is used to distinctly trap a person at each end (that one’s pretty hot). A ladder is used as both shelter and escape. Everyone gets a baptism in a big steel tub that would make your average pastor blush. RawMoves has the ability to bring the full spectrum of human emotion to every frenetic movement, shifting from passion to playfulness with a grace that makes one question the separation.

The next seems basic, but it’s also surprisingly rare: They make choices. They give you the sense that every prop, costume and movement was carefully chosen to elicit something specific, not just because it might look cool or pretty.

That’s what I like about RawMoves: no fluff.

They are down to the serious business of running and jumping around a stage. They certainly manage to make it look serious—as well as fun and sexy. It’s definitely a show not to be missed.

RawMoves Dance Company: The Story of Eight @ Rose Wagner Black Box Theater, 138 W. 300 South, 801-355-2787, Oct. 8-9, 8 p.m. & Oct. 10, 2 p.m., $15. RawMovesDance.com