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Readers pile on Jim Matheson



The rancor may not have an impact on his re-election chances—it’s never seemed to before—but Democratic Rep. Jim Matheson’s critics are barking louder than a pack of wild dogs after his vote against health-care reform. City Weekly founder John Saltas’ Private Eye column [see “Jim Matheson: Coward,” March 24], which was shared 175 times on Twitter and Facebook, provided an outlet for this round of electorate outrage.

Matheson undeniably has supporters, but none defended him in our comments section against the merciless onslaught of negative remarks. “Matheson: Zero balls. Three strikes. You’re out!” wrote Umpire Al. “I don’t know why in the convention the Democrats don’t get rid of him,” wrote Merlin Ostrander. “Let’s throw him out and start new.”

“I am appalled that so few Americans realize that their legislators have the best healthcare deal around,” wrote Jan Wall. “I’ll vote, (gaaack! Sorry, hairball!) for a Republican this fall for District 2 before I vote for a fake Democrat ever again,” wrote BlackMamba.

Perhaps the most positive comment came from Jerry Cooney: “While Mr. Matheson has not been useless and I’ve sided with him on a vote or two over the years, his stands on the climate-control initiative, the invasion of Iraq, the Bush tax cuts and Red Rock Wilderness are unacceptable. That he manages a rating of 40 from the conservative Eagle Forum is unacceptable. But what is disturbing is his recent nay vote on health care.”

Yeah. That’s not exactly positive, I know.