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Real Stories, Real People


Michael Susaeta’s delightfully unhinged July 25 letter “Tell a Real Story for Real People” excoriated City Weekly for running ads featuring goods and services out of the financial reach of some folks.

My favorite part? The reference to rich assholes as “yuppie diapers,” which has become Rant Control’s favorite cringe-inducing insult. Other memorable moments: Susaeta’s accusation that City Weekly’s employees possess Croesian wealth (I can assure Susaeta, on that score, we are guiltless), and never write about “real” issues such as ramen (on which score, I refer Susaeta to my own article of Aug. 14, 2008, “Ramen on Empty,” which contains just a few of my own recipes for spicing up that delicious yet inexpensive noodle.)

I do sympathize with Susaeta’s plight, however—it’s true, the ’00s have not been kind to the working poor, and while our new Democratic overlords focus on revitalizing the middle class and bailing out whole corporate sectors, they’d do well to remember that a lot of boats are not being lifted by this rising tide.

Not all sympathize with Susaeta, however: According to commenter Angier, “Heaven forbid some people are well off. And how the hell would you know, anyways? Just keep going off on these rants full of assumptions. That way, you don’t have to evaluate your own situation and admit that your life is not where you had planned it to be.”

Ah, put a lid on it, you yuppie diaper! (Oh, just you wait and see—it’ll catch on!)