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Red Moose Coffee Company

Specialty grilled-cheese sandwiches in Sugar House



When the office has too many distractions and we need a quiet place to do some work, heading to a public place equipped with a Wi-Fi might be just the ticket. But if that place is a restaurant or a cafe, it sometimes means settling for either cheap fast food or overpriced pastries.

There is a place, however, where you can find an “and” solution rather than an “or” solution. Red Moose Coffee sits on a quiet corner in Sugar House, but its menu is worth making noise about.

Specialty grilled-cheese sandwiches were added to the Red Moose lunch menu (which already contained tasty sandwiches and soups) about eight months ago. The grilled options are the Big Kid, Southwestern, Granny, Italian and Harvest. I couldn’t limit myself to one, so I went with the Southwestern (pepper jack, chorizo, avocado and cilantro, grilled on sourdough bread) and the Harvest (cheddar, ham, caramelized onions, sliced Granny Smith apples, also on sourdough).

The chorizo on the Southwestern was spicy, and complemented well by the cilantro and avocado. The Harvest sandwich was a delight. The ham was stacked high and smothered in an ocean of cheddar. The sharp flavors of the apples and caramelized onions made any condiments unnecessary.

Upon finishing my sandwiches, I asked what I should know about Red Moose that I didn’t already. I was told, “We have the best cinnamon rolls with melted peanut butter; you will get addicted.” I think that’s a challenge I’ll have to accept.

1693 S. 900 East