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Rein in Noel



Rep. Mike Noel, R-Kanab, seems to think the grass is greener over the next Capitol Hill. He makes sure that he paints the perfect picture, then shoves it down your throat. His time is overdue: It’s time to rein in Mighty Mike. Like the bully in the schoolyard, Noel seems to think that yelling at someone who can’t fight back is in character with the way he leads his political position.

Rep. Noel stepped over his boundary during the Legislature in early March when he grilled Joro Walker, an attorney for environmental group Western Resources Advocates, with questions like, “How many times have you sued the state?” Ignoring her answer that she wasn’t involved in the Alton Coal litigation, he put pressure on her again. “How many times have you sued the state?” She protested, saying that was an unfair question.

According to one news story, Noel was overheard saying earlier that he was going to bring Joro Walker down.

If that’s not enough to file complaints against Noel, I don’t know what is. People like Mike Noel will continue to harness their resources of hate as long as nobody has the guts to stand up to the bully.