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Rent Help for Seniors

Read No Evil, Shot Clocks



Rent Help for Seniors
If you think it's hard to buy a home, try renting one. Demand is high, population is increasing and there just isn't enough affordable-housing stock. Now imagine you're trying to rent, and you're over 66 years old, maybe you're single now and your household income is less than $34,666. Did you know there are rebates to help you out? Probably not. "Trying to prompt late-year notice about the program, we have found out many seniors who should be getting word about the program don't," Tim Funk, of Crossroads Urban Center, tells City Weekly. And many lack computer access or the expertise to navigate the state Tax Commission website. Depending on your annual income, you could get help from $126 to $11,785, and that's not nothing. Part of the problem is a disconnect between the Tax Commission and local county tax commissions. File an application before Dec. 31, check it out online at, visit your nearest Tax Commission office or local county Aging Services agency, or call the Tax Commission at 801-297-6254 and ask for a Renter Refund processing agent.


Read No Evil
Lolita? Really? Would this be the first book your teenager would pick up from the library? Look, it was written in 1955 and, sure, it's about the dirty truth of sex abuse, but it's not exactly Penthouse magazine. It is the story of a young girl being sexually abused by an older predator. Hmm, maybe this could be about the missing Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai. A real-life predator story happened in 1948 to 11-year-old Sally Horner, and didn't end as hopefully as Lolita, according to a Medium article. And yet parents are shocked and appalled that their little ones might learn, or worse, want to learn, about anything sexual. KSL and other news outlets let us know that these racy books are being pulled from the shelves. Cover your eyes and plug your ears, little ones, and if anything happens like Lolita or Peng Shuai, just stay quiet.


Shot Clocks
We're losing count, but Sen. Mike Lee is not. The wise and gifted senator has been bombarding constituents with his Vaccine Mandate Countdown, which before publication was on Day 17 because, as he sees it, the mandate is "an act of barbarism." Oh, and if anyone remembers President Harry Truman, Lee says that Biden's federal mandate is just like the "attempt to seize U.S. steel mills for the Korean War effort," the Deseret News reported. Oh yeah, and because there is nothing more pressing than this, Lee has proposed no less than 12 bills to stop the mandate. Even Scientific American says the mandates are lawful, effective and based on good science. But sadly, most Utahns side with the bombastic senator because no one remembers smallpox.