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Rep. Jim Matheson: Obama's Friend?


John Saltas was spot-on with his endorsement of Claudia Wright in the Democratic 2nd District primary [“Claudia’s Right,” June 17, City Weekly]. I had to give considerable thought and deliberation on which candidate I should support, if either, in this race. In the end, I came to the conclusion that I needed to support the candidate who shares my views and values, and not the one who has a proven ability to get elected in a highly gerrymandered district. So, I voted last week with my mail-in ballot for Wright.

When I received an e-mail from the White House on June 14 asking me to support President Obama’s friend, Jim Matheson, in this election, I immediately responded with an essay very similar to what Saltas published three days later. I sincerely doubt that anyone in the White House will even read my response, but I am sure that Wright enjoyed reading the copy that I sent her. I also suspect that some aide for Matheson may have spent a few seconds scanning what I wrote in the copy that I sent them. It just really angered me to have the White House endorse “their friend” Matheson, who is as far removed from the “hope and change” theme that helped put President Obama in the White House as any Blue Dog in Congress can be.

Dave Moore

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