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Rep. Jim Matheson—does he have your back, or what?



Rep. Jim Matheson—does he have your back, or what?

Derek Jones: Yeah, a big fat, sharp knife in my back. Suffice to say he will not be getting my vote next election. I might as well have voted for a Republican.

Cody Winget: Not my back. I know he has his own back; beyond that, I’m not sure.

Nick Clark: Rep. Matheson failed to represent me and my family with his last-minute “nay” vote on health care, despite my personal e-mails to him to encourage his support. This bill stands to have a large impact on my family. He absolutely does not have my back.

Scott Renshaw: Well, he clearly needs somebody’s back, inasmuch as he has no spine of his own.

Jerre Wroble: His career is unremarkable, one of worst things you can say about a politician. Yet, his approval ratings are strong—so 64 percent of Utahns must want a Democrat who votes with the Republican pack. It gives the illusion of a bi-party system.

Lia Pretorius: Jim Matheson has his own, spineless back. At least Chris Buttars wears his horns out where everyone one can see them. Matheson tries to hide his behind a D. He also has the nads of neutered Pomeranian and I’d pit my miniature Chihuahua against him anytime. Sick him, Buddy!

Jesse Fruhwirth: I know people bankrupted by health-care companies. And I know of politicians, like Matheson, who’ve accepted massive donations from those exact same health-care companies. ’Nuff said.