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Return of Singles Club

More new music from local artists


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We're back with another addition to Singles Club, featuring a couple of names that we've touched on before, as well as two acts new to this intermittent column featuring local... yes, singles. We'll also allow our first act a chance to sneak in with a nice, four-song EP. Let's get right to it.

Buried Giant, "Swallow the Sun" (Bandcamp): Roughly a month back, yours truly turned the corner of Kensington and State Street, hearing the distinct sound of some quality, straight-forward blues/rock emanating from the courtyard of RoHa Brewing. As a pedestrian, it took a couple-dozen strides to lay eyes on the band, but the sound? The sound was there for the whole neighborhood to hear. Buried Giant, together for roughly a year, has released a pleasing four-song EP called Swallow the Sun, available for streaming and purchase on Bandcamp.

The band's Ryan Arnold says the EP is intended "to test the waters. Get our feet wet." The guitarist/vocalist is joined in the lineup by David Bethke on drums, Preston Taylor, also on guitar, and bassist Gavin Thompson.

The album was engineered and mixed by Mike Sasich at ManVsMusic and mastered by James Anderson at The Bit Farm.

The group's got a few events slotted all across the region for July, including a gig at the Park Silly Sunday Market (780 Main St, Park City) on July 3. On July 9, they'll be the Notch Pub (2392 E. Mirror Lake Highway, Samak). They'll also be playing the Shady Grove Music Camp in Pocatello on the 15th, wrapping up a busy month. All their relevant info's at

Suchii, "White Angel" (YouTube, Spotify, et al.): When we last caught up with Suchii, the nascent songwriter was discussing his move away from a corporate job and towards a career as a pop songwriter. His initial track, "Pit a Pat," has scored tens of thousands of plays, very respectable for a young artist. His latest, "White Angel," he says, is something of an extension of that work.

The track, he suggests, "is a chill-pop track with a catchy chorus and distinct background effects. I feel like this is becoming my niche. It definitely has that retro vibe, but the vocals and harmonies make it sound fresh and current. I wrote the song in about an hour; it was never meant to be a stellar single like 'Pit A Pat,' but I wanted something that could be regarded as a strong B-side to my first single. I'd say 'White Angel' is a lot more DJ-friendly, and is an overall fun song. I believe there's a time and place for artists to have fun songs and 'White Angel' is just that for me."

Suchii's debut EP Summer on Venus is planned for a mid-August release, with production contributions from recording engineer Rowan Stigner at Audio Inn. A video for "White Angel" was released on the June 17.

Quick Hits: One act that we featured a bit ago, Ali Rez, scored some local attention for his track called "Save the Great Salt Lake," which was followed by another earnest cut, "You're Trash if You Litter." The socially-conscious artist's latest is called "Live Above Pollution," a song inspired by a trip to mountains above SLC. It'll be released with a video (shot in Oregon) on July 1. More info at

A band with quite a following among other SLC indie rock artists, Musor, have released a single called "Ya no volvio," which can be found at Spotify and other streaming platforms. That's our tease; next week, we'll have a full featurette on the band in this very slot.