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Rich’s Corner Grill


City Weekly staffers: Derek Carlisle has burgers on his brain: There seems to be a big burger craze sweeping the union. What’s goin’ on here? Everyone is trying to fix what was never broken: the quality burger ingredients and tasty medium-rare patty that hasn’t been previously frozen.

Well, if you find yourself in the city, across Main Street from the City Weekly offices, there is an end to your burger search. The Burger Stand is what I call it even though I’m sure the owner has something better [actually, it’s Rich’s Corner Grill, a cart located near the Wells Fargo building on Main]. He makes burgers with perfectly-seasoned fat patties, great buns, thick-cut peppered bacon, long leaf lettuce, fresh tomatoes and onions and variety out the yin-yang. His burger options include Southwest green chile; bleu cheese & bacon; and an original-recipe grilled pineapple, which is the one I went with. It came with a choice of Rich’s super-fresh cucumber salad or mustard-potato salad. The burger was definitely a messy bastard, but for a 5-spot it makes washing your hands all the more refreshing. These burgers are well worth checking out. Thanks for listening to the ranting of a full man!