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Richard Ramos

Sept. 4–19



Don’t expect a parochial or limited artistic sensibility just because Richard Ramos was born, raised and educated for his entire life in Ogden. This is work that mixes and melds a variety of sensibilities.

Take a look at “Smedley” (pictured) for just a taste of what the result looks like. This particular work was created as a tribute to a friend of the artist killed in an avalanche, representing the subject’s passions in life. But we also get a sense for Weber State grad Ramos’ own passions as an artist: a vibrant flair representative of muralists like Diego Rivera, combined with the surrealist influence of Dalí and Duschamp. “The painting develops in the same way that a dream or a memory comes to the mind,” says Ramos in his artist’s statement. The exhibit of Ramos’ recent paintings at Universe City allows the local boy to show to his fellow residents the kind of work that can be nurtured in their city.

Richard Ramos: Paintings @ Universe City, 2556 Washington Blvd., Ogden, 801-458- 8959, Sept. 4–19.

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