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Right-Wing Vampires



The next time you hear the right-wing vampires hissing at Canada, consider this: Canada stands alone in the industrialized world as not facing a single bank failure, calls for bailouts or government intervention in the financial or mortgage sectors.

With the help of their health-care system, Canadians live 2.5 years longer than Americans and, more importantly, have three years more of “quality life.” Of course, the vampires and their bloated, drug-addicted, cigar-smoking, $400 million-paid leader don’t want the average American to have health coverage. They are in league with the criminal healthinsurance industry to prevent reform.

A single-payer system (Medicare for everybody with choice of doctors, private doctors, and private hospitals) is the only way to go (five times less paper work). It eliminates the huge hidden tax we pay when people hesitate to see a doctor, don’t receive care, or don’t go back for a follow up because of the cost. The taxpayers often wind up paying for 60 years to care for these people. Taxpayers also pay for the free emergency-room care and so-called free services that hospitals give.

Companies are already moving to Canada because they don’t have to worry about health-care costs. Ontario, not Michigan, is the North American leader in car production.

When are we going to pull up the shade and let the sun shine on the right-wing vampires?

Roger Carrier
Salt Lake City