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River of Life and Death



I was saddened to read your article “River Rats” [June 11, City Weekly]. I was born in Midvale and spent my childhood on the Jordan River. I can remember the river turning red when the remains of slaughtered horses were dumped in the river. I saw condoms floating and copper-colored water dumped in the river from mines west of the valley. I am glad that has been cleaned up.

I also remember hunting for Indian arrowheads on an overlooking hill that now is covered with apartments. I remember hunting ducks along creeks and streams that now are buried in pipes. I remember open fields and marshes with pheasants, quail and an occasional deer.

This beautiful land is now covered with townhouses and buildings, with more springing up every day. I can still remember cold snowy days on the Jordan River—a beautiful wilderness that has been lost forever.

Henry Dumas

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