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Rocky and the Smell of Baloney



Rocky and the Smell of Baloney

In the Feb. 5 City Weekly article “Rocky Times,” former Mayor Rocky Anderson indicates that the Constitution has holes that need to be stitched together—or it’ll be open for future abuses. Anderson saying this has irony thick as pudding with a distinct smell of baloney.

While mayor, the city wanted to pass an ordinance against “targeted residential picketing.” Anderson said he’d first talk to citizens, retracted on this, and then OKed the ordinance. Anderson was right about holes and future abuses: Soon the Salt Lake county passed a similar ordinance, and then the city of Holladay, too. Remember Anderson’s frothing attacks on those who criticized him (aka dissented)? I tried to discuss this ordinance with Anderson after the May 2008 rally (I appear in the article’s photograph). Anderson’s ugly replies and rationalization didn’t quite match his prior rally speech. My lesson learned: Don’t confuse Anderson’s selfrighteousness motives for righteousness.

It gets worse: Anti-war mom activist Cindy Sheehan began with a daily residential protest (in memory of her dead son) outside of George W. Bush’s ranch home in Texas. Anderson has said he highly regards Sheehan. Yet Anderson supported an ordinance against exactly what Sheehan did.


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