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Rocky Reputation


Does a mayor by any other name smell as sweet? Several readers answered “no” after City Weekly reported that former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson opposed the city’s $125 million bond for public-safety buildings [“Rocky Anderson vs. Ralph Becker,” Oct. 29]. Anderson’s opinions, they wrote, have the acrid smell of leftovers.

“There’s already enough Rocky sequels in the film industry,” online commenter Rachel28 wrote. “Nobody listens to Rocky anymore,” wrote CityGirl777. “It’s time for Rocky to get off his soapbox,” wrote Toothbrush.

But, doth the commenters protest too much? The rapid and heated response to Anderson’s opposition made Rant Control wonder whether these commenters were hoping that by repeating that Anderson has no influence, it would be so. After all, Anderson, who was mayor at the time, is often credited with the defeat of the bond in 2007.

Commenter Saltlakeurbanite was ready for another helping of leftover Rocky, however. While conceding that Anderson has “bad timing and very coarse style,” Saltlakeurbanite nevertheless concluded that Anderson “is often correct” and “has a great point.” Saltlakeurbanite further said current Mayor Ralph Becker is “a breath of fresh air,” but distrusts Becker’s judgment on aesthetics and planning. Saying she/he would probably vote in favor of the bond, Saltlakeurbanite concluded the choice would be “the better of two evils, which kind of sucks.”

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