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Rocky Rolled


Ted McDonough’s “where is he now” profile of former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson (“Rocky Times,” Feb. 5, City Weekly) demonstrated two things: 1. Anderson looks much more vigorous and relaxed now that he’s been out of the mayoral hot seat for a year, and 2. his detractors’ blinding fury has not diminished one bit during that time. Anti-Rocky comments outnumbered pro-Rocky comments 2 to 1. Some, like “Cliburn,” experienced a visceral reaction just at the mention of his name: “Most of us are glad to have him gone, and it´s a real shame to keep hearing his name turn up time and again by the few admirers he has left.” Others, such as “rob joseph,” leapt at the opportunity to make unsupported personal character attacks: “Rocky doesn´t need to look much further than a mirror to see who is corrupt and a liar. The guy is full of BS and just looking to promote his political agendas.” (A scathing indictment—what could be worse than a politician or activist with a political agenda?) “Erin” jumped on the anti-Rocky bandwagon to paradoxically write: “I´m guessing [Anderson supporters] are, by nature, followers.”

There was always one thing that bugged Anderson’s detractors above all others though: His popularity in Salt Lake City. As “Sarah” pointed out, “Rocky went out of office with a 70 percent approval rating. Why do I get the feeling that a lot of you trolls aren´t from around here? Probably a bunch of sheep humpers from Delta.”


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