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Rubio's, Bon Rico & pork loins



From City Weekly staffers: Stephen Dark: Friends have been persistently raving about Rubio’s ( fish tacos. Not being a fastfood fan, I’ve resisted—my loss. The white fish is meaty and fresh, the salad crisp. It’s a simple meal, but there’s a cleanness to it that makes you feel you’re fast-food indulgence for once will not leave you feeling you’ve overdosed on processed fat.

Tracey Stout: You want a big steak at a little price? If you ever find yourself in Evanston, Wyo., then visit Bon Rico (925 Front St., 307-789-1753). I ordered a 14-ounce (yes, I said 14-ounce!) filet mignon for a mere $24.95 ... Not only that, but it comes with a potato option, soup and salad, along with amazingly delicious bread and a veggie plate. You can also opt for the “cowboy portion” (for $2 more, you get 16 fat ounces!) Bon Rico is a steak-lover’s dream!

Eric Peterson: For some faux-Southwestern flavor, try this in your slow cooker: 1/2 onion, a two-pound pork loin slathered in chipotle-mustard pepper sauce, one diced mango, two chopped serrano peppers and one nopales cactus leaf, diced and chopped. Cook on low heat for about eight hours, then devour.

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