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Running on an Empty Tank



In Katharine Biele’s “Conservative Wrap- Up” [March 18], Paul Mero states, “Sutherland doesn’t browbeat”.

Hmm ... let’s ask Webster. Browbeat: To intimidate or disconcert by a stern manner or arrogant speech.

I truly do not understand Mero’s thinking. First, his opposition was based upon religious freedom. Oddly, I have yet to hear exactly which religious freedoms the anti-discrimination ordinances prevent Mero from exercising.

Later, his opposition was based upon the infringement of religious liberties. Again, I have yet to hear exactly which religious liberties are being infringed upon.

Now, in Biele’s article, Mero states, “Sutherland’s civil-rights war will be won from the ground up.” Huh? Mero and Sutherland are now proclaiming a civil-rights war? Jeeze Lou-eeze.

It seems that Mero is rather consumed with his vain search for that elusive somehow, somehow, that will validate his Sutherland Institute’s imagined right to practice their version of discrimination against the LGBT community.

I’m thinking that Sutherland is merely crying wolf, yet again. I’m not all that impressed with the thinking of Sutherland’s empty tank.

Ross McCollin
South Salt Lake