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Live Music

Sallie Ford, Strong Words

When: Mon., Nov. 24, 8 p.m. 2014

Although North Carolina-born musician Sallie Ford never gave up her trademark cat's-eye glasses, she did amicably part ways with the members of her former project, The Sound Outside, as well as their '50s-influenced sound, about a year ago. And since then, she's put together an all-female band and recorded an album that shows Ford jumping confidently into a variety of genres—and eras. Released in October, Slap Back is refreshingly tough to pin down, with styles that range from surf ("Give Me Your Lovin'") to hazy rock ("Workin' the Job"), and jumps around throughout musical history. "I wanted to blend different eras of music—the '80s, '90s, '60s, '70s—maybe some '50s," she says in her online bio. "I was kind of over the '50s." But uniting all these elements is one important unchanging element: Ford's unique alto voice, with which she delivers lyrics about heartbreak, endings, crushes and her adopted home state of Oregon. Local dream-pop band Strong Words will also perform. (Kolbie Stonehocker)

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