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Salt Lake Acting Company: boom

Through Dec. 5



Two university students meet in an underground biology lab, brought together by a personal ad. They’re here together for what is apparently to be a night of random, casual sex—except that they both have strange motives for their meeting. And that might not even end up being the strangest thing about their evening, which also involves a woman in the corner who appears to have power over what transpires.

Playwright Peter Sinn Nachtrieb serves up a surreal, rapid-fire contemporary comedy with boom, but the story isn’t out for just laughs. The script’s introduction features a quote from biologist Richard Dawkins, hinting at an exploration of evolution and how humans think about it. How do you combine big laughs—and sex—with the “big questions”? Join Salt Lake Acting Company to find out what happens when—as that mysterious woman in the corner says—there’s a “sudden, radical change in the state of things.”

boom @ Salt Lake Acting Company Chapel Theater, 168 W. 500 North, 801-363-7522, through Dec. 5, Thursday-Saturday, $15-$41.