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Salt Lake Tapas & Quick Soba Fix



City Weekly managing editor Josh Loftin has a tapas tip. He writes: “When I visited Barcelona a few years ago, I loved the tapas bars. In Spain, tapas are small plates with small prices, meant to accompany evening cocktails. They are simple, two to three ingredients, and not intended to be dinner (that comes much later in the night). In Salt Lake City, I have been too often chagrined that ‘smallplate dining’ is really just expensive appetizers ($10 and up) that people view as dinner—and thus, not really the casual dining that it is in Spain. Thankfully, a couple of new restaurants (Eva, for one example) are bringing real smallplate dining here. These are places where appetizers mostly hover in the $5 range, and pair wonderfully with a bottle of wine. If dinner is needed before 10 p.m., three to four tapas followed by a flat bread pizza is perfectly filling for two people, and the final food tab will still be under $50.”

Former City Weekly music editor Jamie Gadette has a quick fix for soba. She says: “I recently discovered the magical combination of Parmesan cheese and buckwheat soba noodles. Top it with some baked tofu (slather on some beaten eggs, cover in bread crumbs and bake till crispy), green onions and anything else you please. Tasty.”

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