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Sandy Brunvand & Colour Maisch

Thursday, April 29 - Friday, May 28



At Finch Lane Gallery, artists Sandy Brunvand and Colour Maisch present two very different bodies of work, each demonstrating a complex, multidimensional art-making process. Both artists are experimental and evoke extremes of aesthetic productivity and meaning through their methods and materials. Brunvand’s two-dimensional works are abstract poetic lyricism, while Maisch’s sculptures are earthy and fantastical.

Through the incorporation of materials such as wax paper and stitching, linear motifs and design, Brunvand creates abstract narratives that entice the viewer’s imagination and emotions. Brunvand’s use of her media is creative and complex, while at the same time delicate and fragile. Through looping and weaving, the eye is led through the canvases playfully and capriciously, always with some surprise waiting to be discovered. Although the body of work has a definite homogeneity, each canvas is unique, such as “Inverted Obscured Code.” The symbols and motifs are interwoven and interconnected, forming a lyrical visual experience.

Maisch’s sculptures are produced by inventive uses of porcelain with various natural elements, creating objects that have an organic quality yet appear utterly foreign, such as “Untitled” (pictured). Maisch’s sculptures can be cylindrical, columnar, bulbous or utterly amorphous. One method is to use a substance such as flax with porcelain; in the firing it is completely burnt off, leaving a fossil-like shell. Maisch’s work is also homogenous through consistent off-white matte tone and the paradoxical, ethereal quality of that which is derived from the natural.

Sandy Brunvand & Colour Maisch @ Finch Lane & Park Galleries, 1340 E. 100 South, 801-596-5000, through May 28.