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Sandy Brunvand: Trail Explorations

Through March 15



The lines and demarcations of the artist’s intention are especially pronounced in the printmaker’s art, since they are inscribed twice: first on the sketch, carving or other method of getting the image on the printing plate, then again transferred from the plate to the paper or other medium that is the final product. Sandy Brunvand’s exhibition “Trail Explorations” follows the tracks of artistic intention as well as the art form’s relationship to the natural world, including lines from things like dog hair and staples.

The ironically titled “Simple Chaos” series actually seems to depict order in the natural world in various guises, though emerging from what seems like chaos in the sense of a complex textural pattern. A meshlike ground from which a symmetrical plant springs is, upon closer viewing, an intricate design of intertwining shapes. Some of the works also include ink blotches that resemble Japanese line paintings, inviting an attempt at deciphering their stylized organic rhythms. Thus the work is very much a response to the natural world, yet still very personal and introspective. In this case, the natural obsessiveness of the printmaker in this art that fosters repetition appears to be elicited from observations of repetition in the world around us.

Brunvand should know something about the range of what printmaking can do, since—along with co-founder Stefanie Dykes—she recently celebrated the fifth anniversary of their Saltgrass Printmakers, the largest nonuniversity-affiliated printmaking studio in the area.

Sandy Brunvand: Trail Explorations @ Kimball Art Center, 638 Park Avenue, Park City, 435-649-8882, through March 15.