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Sarah Palin: Costco Rogue



Eight conversations you may overhear while waiting in line for Sarah Palin’s Salt Lake City book signing at Costco on Wednesday, Dec. 9:

8. “This is so much better organized than the Mike Huckabee signing at Big Lots.”

7. “I’ll totally vote for Sarah in 2012! I can’t believe the election is just five years away!”

6. “Did Doug Fabrizio just cut in line ahead of us?”

5. “The reviews are just mean—nobody questions Dan Brown’s or Harry Potter’s facts.”

4. “She’s a smart, independent woman, just like me. My husband told me so.”

3. “Book signing? I thought this was the line for free churros.”

2. “Sarah’s Twitter says, ‘Just arrived in Mormon sucker-town.’ That’s us!”

1.Going Rogue... ‘Rogue’ is French for ‘lucky hillbilly,’ right?”

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