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Schott Happens

Children of the Porn, Falling Fast



Schott Happens
In Utah, we all need a break from the Q-news of the Republican far-right wing. You can have it both ways simply by following Salt Lake Tribune correspondent Bryan Schott on Twitter. It's true that many Republicans are repelled by anything less than adulation of their fellow partisans and that, in a nutshell, is why Schott is a pariah. For instance, at the GOP convention, Schott said that Sen. Mike Lee "refused to answer my questions about text messages detailing his role at the center of a plot to overturn Donald Trump's 2020 election loss. Lee's staffers blocked me and formed a barricade to keep me from chasing after him when he left." How fun is that? And there are pictures, too. At the convention itself, Bryan "Trying Mightily" Schott, tweeted, "The guy who just gave the opening prayer at the Utah GOP convention finished with, "Amen. God bless America and let's go, Brandon!" To find out how much they love President Brandon, read on with Schott.


Children of the Porn
Meanwhile in Utah, let's talk porn. At least Senate President Stuart Adams will, because he is shocked and appalled that Westminster College offers a porn course—so much so that he used the word "toxic" twice in the same tweet. "The #utleg declared pornography a public health hazard as it perpetuates sexually toxic environments. It's concerning a highly esteemed university in Utah is offering such a toxic course." Last year, the wholesome body required cell phones and tablets sold here to block porn. Sigh. Now, he has to deal with pornography education, although we're talking a private university. Like many "problematic issues," pornography is primarily a male thing, and it could be that the college wants to learn more about why. It's not about viewing porn, as one commenter noted. Why sign up for a course when you can get it free online anytime? Except on your phone, of course.


Falling Fast
Well, climate change caught up with us just in time to celebrate Earth Day. The Salt Lake Tribune reports that there's an emergency plan to send water from Flaming Gorge to the ever-shrinking Lake Powell. And by shrinking, we mean falling by 1 foot every week. Everyone's got their panties in a bunch over water and the unrelenting drought in Utah, but the only plans are "putting out fires." What we need to do, said Eric Balken of the Glen Canyon Institute, is plan for a "transition away from Lake Powell," whatever that means. But planning is not America's strong suit. The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned of climate change and the disastrous dependence on coal 30 years ago. And what did we do? Pretty much nothing.