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Scripture Wars


The Jan. 27 cover story, “Sealed Fate,” conjured at least three camps of commenters: those who believe in Christopher Nemelka’s sealed portion and use The Book of Mormon to defend it; those who use The Book of Mormon to criticize Nemelka’s sealed portion; and those who feel that both are fictions written by equally charlatan authors.

As P.W. wrote, “Mormons and Nemelka followers should get put on an island and duke it out. Put it on TV as the new Survivor. Outwit. Outsmart. Outquote from The Book of Mormon.”

After quoting copious Mormon scripture, John Jerdon wrote:

“How the LDS could not be impressed with the text is beyond me.”

Ed Firmage Jr. called for some independent thinking:

“Burnings in the bosom frequently end in burnings in the ass, which can be avoided if one takes to heart dear old Ed Abbey’s observation that ‘every man should be his own guru and every woman her own gurette,’ ” he wrote.

Annie B said she wanted more of a focus on Nemelka’s methods of attracting followers. Eric offered, “Well, if people are gullible enough to fall for Joseph [Smith]’s myth, then it makes sense that they are gullible enough to fall for Joseph Smith fan fiction.”

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