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Sean Rouse

April 10 & 12



He’s best not-known as a contestant-not-finalist on Last Comic Standing and comedian-not-Dane-Cook on Dave Attell’s Insomniac Tour. Bummer—he has better timing and material than anyone else on either show. But, like fellow “Unbookables” Andy Andrist and Doug Stanhope, Rouse is who you call when Comedy Central and the local YukYukClub play it so vexingly PG-13.

Rouse’s cringe humor is extra-shocking, since he looks like a returned missionary. But that’s why his jokes about marijuana, racism, homosexuality and his own multiple sclerosis earn guilty belly laughs.

Here’s his reality-show pitch: “… myself, alone in a house with one woman—the finest stock—of every race. I impregnate all of them. For nine months, I hang out, cook breakfast, nourish the wombs, try to convince each one that I love them the most. … When the last baby hits the delivery room floor, I take off on a coke-and-whiskey binge. The first motherchild combo to find me wins college tuition and bragging rights for their race.” What’ll he call it? “The Amazing Races.”

Sean Rouse @ Mo’s Grill, 358 S. West Temple, 801-359-0856, April 10 & 12.

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