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Serving the Country

Besides voting and paying taxes, what is the best way to serve one’s country?


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Jesse James Burnitt: Support independent business, boycott Chinese products and bitch-slapping your elected “officials” every once in a while with a healthy dose of reality.

Scott Renshaw: Actually bothering to educate yourself—on both sides of any issue—so you really know what you’re voting about and paying taxes for.

Rachel Scott: Get involved with a cause that you are passionate about. Apathy is so unattractive.

Bill Frost: Braised, with a light hollandaise sauce.

Nick Clark: This country was founded by a bunch of guys in funny hats who sat around the table waxing about what was wrong. They organized and spoke out. If there is something inherently wrong with the system, utilize your First Amendment rights and let your voice be heard.

Jesse Fruhwirth: Vigilantly and tirelessly—even when it’s needlessly—exercise, defend and protect your constitutional rights.

Julie Erickson: I think the best way to serve one’s country is to serve one’s neighbor. If everyone took time to serve someone else, the country would be much better off.

Derek Carlisle: Work hard, pay your taxes and hope the breeders do a good job raising the kids in the public schools you pay for.


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