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Seth Winegar

May 15–June 12



The natural beauty of our state and its landscapes has, understandably, inspired plenty of art attempting to capture that beauty. Bountiful native Seth Winegar is making his statement for being one of the finer young practitioners of the landscape art.

Winegar’s landscapes and still-lifes will be on display this month at Meyer Gallery, showcasing his newer small-scale oil paintings. He creates compositions that tell stories about the landscapes they portray, creating dramas of light that are both sweeping in scope and specific to a moment. “I want to capture the spirit of the scene,” says Winegar in his artist’s statement. “If a painting is truly alive, it has to have a spirit.” 

Seth Winegar: New Works @ Meyer Gallery, 350 S. 200 East, 801-363-0993, May 15–June 12.

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