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Sexy Evil Genius, Boss

New DVD/VOD Tuesday, April 9


Sexy Evil Genius
  • Sexy Evil Genius

Sexy Evil Genius
A mysterious, wig-happy woman (Katee Sackhoff) lures all of her ex-lovers (including Seth Green, Harold Perrineau, William Baldwin and Michelle Trachtenberg) to a Los Angeles bar with revenge in mind. Why else go to a bar in L.A.? (Lionsgate)

Boss: Season 2
In the final season (unless Starz makes that wrap-up movie), Chicago Mayor Tom Kane (Kelsey Grammer) staves off brain-disease death and an ever-growing list of enemies in the grittiest, nastiest political drama since Spin City. (Lionsgate)

Bad Kids Go to Hell
Six rich private-school teens stuck in Saturday detention suddenly begin getting killed in horrific “accidents.” If your Breakfast Club radar weren’t already going off, this flick also stars … Judd Nelson! In Barry Manilow’s wardrobe! (Phase 4)

Down the Shore
When a Jersey amusement-park boss (James Gandolfini) and his ex (Famke Janssen) are confronted with the ashes of his dead sister and a man claiming to be her husband, questions arise. Like, “Famke Janssen? And him?” (Anchor Bay)

The Kitchen
Jennifer’s (Laura Prepon) 30th birthday party is about to be wrecked by her cheating boyfriend, her bratty little sister (Dreama Walker), battling backyard bands and terrible, terrible friends. And, just guessing, something in the kitchen. (Monterey)

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