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Shakespeare Getaway

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Fest Tips

Shakespeare Showoff
Starting in 2012, the festival made a commitment—Complete the Canon—to do all 37 of Shakespeare’s plays by 2022. There are about 20 plays that Shakespeare companies do over and over, while the others tend to get left on the shelf. This summer, the “not-often-done” entry is King John. “If you stick with us, you can see all 37 plays in the same place,” says Artistic Director David Ivers. “That’s pretty unique.”

Bard Babies
While the festival doesn’t allow children under 6 to attend the plays, it does offer child care during the plays for children up to 10 years old and children with special needs. The cost is just $20 while you go do your thespian thing. For more information, go to

Going Green
Every night outside the Adams Theatre, the “Greenshow” features entertainers singing and dancing, starting at 7:10, to get you ready for the main show at 8. It’s a continuation of a tradition dating back to Shakespeare’s time, when performers would engage theater-goers outside the Globe. There are also fun Elizabethan-style treats to enjoy. Don’t you dare leave without getting one of the tarts.

Know Your Cross-Dressers
One of the great Shakespearean traditions is characters cross-dressing to try to fool their lovers. Having a hard time keeping track of who wears the pants in the relationship? Find out by attending one of the play orientations held daily. Check for the schedule.

Behind the Scenes
Backstage tours are held daily throughout the summer, giving guests a chance to learn about sets, costumes, lighting and how it all comes together to create magic on the stage. Summer tours are scheduled for Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Tickets are required, $8 at the box office.

Trivia: Art Imitates Life— and Vice Versa
Actors Jeb Burris and his fiancee, Melisa Pereyra, get married in two of the three Shakespeare plays they appear in this summer. “We have story after story of people meeting their spouse or partner here,” says Ivers, who also met his wife, Stephanie, while both were working at the festival. Forget Apparently, the place to find love is Cedar City in the summer.