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Shameless, Apollo 18

New DVDs Tuesday, Dec. 27


Shameless - WARNER BROS.

Shameless: Season 1
A deadbeat drunk (William H. Macy) collects disability checks and leaves his dysfunctional children (including Emmy Rossum—mrroww) to fend for themselves in the crap end of Chicago—and yet it’s still funny as hell. (Warner Bros.)

Apollo 18
Actual footage from the real final manned moon mission that NASA has kept secret since 1973—because there are rock monsters on the moon! That’s why we’ve never gone back! Well, that and the lack of decent restaurants. (The Weinstein Co.)

Archer: Season 2
World’s most dangerous/inept spy Sterling Archer (H. Jon Benjamin) takes on eco-terrorists, paternity suits, Swiss jailbait, bikini ninjas, daddy issues and more in the second season of TV’s best (and filthiest) cartoon. Tactical turtlenecks! (Fox)

A Good Old Fashioned Orgy
Jason Sudeikis, Lake Bell, Will Forte, Lindsay Sloane, Nick Kroll, Leslie Bibb and more star in a sex comedy about 30-something pals who decide to throw an orgy. Allegedly, this was released in theaters—but not in Utah? Yeah, right. (Sony)

The Pool Boys
Former movie stars Matthew Lillard and Rachelle Lefevre headline the story of buds with dead-end jobs who open their own whorehouse. Even better, it’s from the director of American Pie 2! And also stars Tom Arnold and George Takei! (E1)

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