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Show Some State Pride


Chris Coy shows blatant ignorance about the state she calls home as well as the history of John Browning and the M1911 [“Do We Get a State Drug, Too?” Letters, April 21, City Weekly].

She is obviously so biased against firearms that she can’t see what an engineering marvel it was. It had a 70-plus-year run as a standard military-issue firearm. The company Browning built still employs quite a few Utahns and still sets the standard for many sporting firearms.

Trying to compare an amazing engineering feat and the foundation of a business that is still around a century later to porn and Prozac is inane. Maybe if you spoke with less ignorance and took some time to get your facts straight, you would see also that Utah is actually one of the fittest states in the nation, as well.

Clayton Barlow

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